It is a preventive system that stimulates and directs information system administrators by establishing meaningful relationships between logs according to defined rules over collected logs from all devices in the system room. Security Information and Event Management, generally referred to as Information Security Threat and Event Management.

Log monitoring and security information allow you to see logical network changes that can be a symptom of an attack.
You can quickly search for warnings or possible violations to analyze your threat landscape with minimal security resources.

To do information security event management with critical prescription in terms of information security management, to collect, associate and understand the information and logs in a large number of information sources in a secure and manageable environment and to enable to use the security operation personnel source in optimum and targeted manner, facilitating compliance with national regulations on information security, and enhancing information security assurance can be counted as key features for SIEM systems.

In short, our SEM product:

Visual graphical analysis platform
Traffic Reports.
Customizable system interface: menus and reports.
Compliance reports. ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA report templates.
Dynamic reports creation and scheduled reports can be designed on demand.
Statistics module that can report parameters such as total number of pages, total number of records, query duration
Google-like search engine.
Performance and Protocol Analysis Module

  • Traffic Reports
  • Protocol Usage Reports
  • Web Usage Reports
  • Mail Usage Reports
  • FTP Usage Reports
  • Telnet Usage Reports
  • Streaming & Chat Reports
  • Event Summary Reports
  • VPN Reports
  • Firewall Rules Reports
  • Inbound & Outbound Traffic
  • Intranet Reports
  • Internet Reports
  • Virus Reports
  • Attack Reports
  • Spam Reports
  • Protocol Trend Reports
  • Traffic Trend Reports
  • Event Trend Reports
  • URL Report
  • Detaylı Compliance Raporları
  • Windows Event Log Raporları

 Supported Systems:

NetFlow Log Support 

Cisco Cisco ASA NetFlow Log



Company Name Device/Version (versions up to)             

3Com X-family Version or later.

But earlier versions will work to a lesser extent.


Secure Gateway Series 200, 500, 800, 1000,2000

Applied Identity Identiforce

ARKOON Network Security

Astaro Astaro Security Linux v7.0, v8.0
Aventail Extranet Center v3.0
AWStats Most versions
Barracuda VF250 Version 5.4.1
BlueCoat SG Series, Proxy Server

Log import from most versions, VSX

Firewalls, LEA support for R54 and above

Cimcor CimTrak Web Security Edition
Cisco System

Cisco Pix Secure Firewall v 6.x, 7.x, Cisco

ASA, Cisco IOS 3005, 1900, 2911, 3925,

Cisco FWSM, Cisco VPN Concentrator, 

Cisco CSC-SSM Module 6.3.x, 

Cisco SSL WebVPN or SVC VPN, Cisco 

IronPort Proxy, Cisco Botnet module

Clavister Most versions
CyberGuard CyberGuard Firewall v4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1
Cyberoam Cyberoam Firewall Version: 9.5.4
D-Link Most DFL versions
DP Firewalls DP Firewall 1000-GE

Electronic Consultants

IPTables Firewall

FortiGate family, Webfilter, DLP, IPS modules,

and IPSec, SSL VPN - v300A, v310B, FortiOS 5.x VPN

FreeBSD Most versions
Funkwerk UTM Funkwerk Enterprise Communications
Global Technologies Gnatbox (GB-1000) 3.3.0+
IPCop IPCop Firewall Version 1.4.17 / 1.4.18
Ingate Ingate firewall: 1200, 1400, 1800/1880
Inktomi Traffic Server, C—Class and E—Class
Juniper Networks * Juniper SRX series

SRX100, SRX210, SRX220, SRX240, 

SRX650, SRX1400, SRX3400, SRX3600, 

SRX5600, SRX5800

* NetScreen series

NetScreen most versions of Web Filter & 

Spam Modules

*IDP, SSL VPN series

4500 & 6500, New Format Logs

*ISG series 


*6360, 8350 series

Kerio Winroute

Lenovo Security Technologies

Lucent Security Management Server V. 6.0.471

McAfee (formerly Secure Computing)

SnapGear, SG580, Sidewinder (uses SEF

Sidewinder Export Format), 

Firewall Enterprise - Sidewinder (S4016)


Microsoft ISA (Firewall, Web Proxy,

Packet Filter, Server 2006 VPN) 

Server 2000 and 2004, W3C log format

Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

NetApp NetCache
NetASQ F10, F100 v3.x v8
NetFilter Linux Iptables
Netopia S9500 Security Appliance v1.6
Network-1 CyberwallPLUS-WS and CyberwallPLUS-SV
Opzoon Firewall ISOS v5
Palo Alto

Palo Alto Firewalls PA 5000 series, PANOS 4.1.0

Recourse Technologies

ManHunt v1.2, 1.21
Ruijie Firewall
Securepoint Securepoint UTM Firewalls
Snort Most versions


230, 2040, 3060, 4060, 5060, TZ 100/ TZ 

100w, TZ 170, TZ 170 Wireless, TZ 170 SP 

Wireless, TZ 200/ TZ 200w, TZ 210/ TZ 210w, 

NSA 240, NSA 2400, NSA 2400MX, NSA 3500, 

NSA 4500, NSA 5000, NSA E5500, NSA E6500, 

NSA E7500, NSA E8500, NSA E8510, 

Management, Application control & SSL-VPN logs

Squid Project Squid Internet Object Cache v1.1, 2.x

St. Bernard Software

iPrism 3.2
Stonesoft Firewall version 5.5
Sun Microsystems SunScreen Firewall v3.1
Vyatta System

Vyatta Firewall -IPv4 Firewall, IPv6 Firewall, Zone-Based Firewall


All Firebox Models v 5.x, 6,x, 7.x, 8.x, 10.x, 11, Firebox X series, x550e, x10e, x1000, x750e

Zywall Most versions



  • MS IIS W3C Web Server Logs
  • MS IIS W3C FTP Server Logs
  • DHCP Windows Server Logs
  • DHCP Linux Server Logs
  • MS SQL Server Logs
  • Oracle Audit Logs
  • Print Server Logs
  • Apache Web Server Logs
  • Terminal Server Logs
  • Websense
  • VMware
  • MS  Exchange Mail Server
  • Merak Mail Server
  • McAfee Mail Gateway
  • Zimbra Mail Server
  • MDaemon Messaging Server
  • Trendmicro Web Filter
  • MetaTrader
  • Postfix Mail Server
  • IronPort Email Security Appliances 
  • Fortinate DHCP Server Logs
  • Juniper DHCP Server Logs


Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux/Unix


Network Devices

  • Cisco
  • HP
  • Juniper
  • SNMP