How did USOM & SOME Appear?

The "Decision on the Implementation and Coordination of the National Cyber ​​Security Work" in our country was published as the decision of the Council of Ministers in the Official Gazette dated October 20,
At the first meeting of the Siberian Security Council, the "National Cyber ​​Security Strategy and 2013-2014 Action Plan" was adopted and published as the Council of Ministers on 20 June 2013.
The National Center for Cybercrime Intervention (USOM), whose primary task is coordination and cooperation under the Action Plan, was established on May 27, 2013 and began its activities.
Taking this Action Plan into consideration, it is envisaged that public institutions and organizations will establish Civil Affairs Response Sections (Corporate / Sectoral SOME) within the body.

Why do you need SOME?

As a result of the material and moral damages that the attackers want to give

Be prepared for this attack
To determine what to do before, during, and after,
Ensure traceability of software, hardware, policies used,
To take the maximum measure for minimum damage,

and the importance to be given to the security of information is increasing day by day.

Thousands of liras can be subject to financial damage or lost the reputation of the company.

What is SOME?

Countries implement administrative structures, technical measures and legal infrastructure in order to ensure cyber security. (CERT, SOC, ...)
The name of this work in our country is the Siberian Intervention Team (SOME).
Activities should be coordinated and co-ordinated with USOM.
The goal is to take precautions that can be taken against potential cyber events.

SOME Coverage?

Within the scope of the published action plan, it is envisaged to establish Civil Affairs Response Sections (Corporate SOME, Sectoral SOME) within public institutions and organizations

What are SOME Trainings?

Weakness Analysis

Secure Configuration Control Training
Extraction Testing Training
Attack Techniques Training

Records Management

Attack Detection and Records Management Training
Central Security Monitoring and Event Management Training

Cyber ​​Case Intervention

Intervention Team Setup and Management Training for Ciber Events
Information Systems Education Forensic Analysis
Computer Forensic Analysis & In-depth Windows Training
Network Forensic Analysis Training
Hazardous Software Analysis Methods Training
DDoS Attacks and Safeguards Training
Informatics Education

Information Security Management

ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management System Implementation Training

As Siper Technology we carry out the following activities within SOME;

Work in the SOME Installation and Management Guidelines
Location and Capacity Planning of SOME in the Institution
Communication with Stakeholders
Communication with Non-Agency Stakeholders
Realization of SOME Trainings
Performing Internal Awareness Studies
Risk and Asset Management Approach
Penetration Tests
Security Tests
Domestic Software in the scope of SOME