ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a system designed to ensure the security of the information and related assets that the organizations are responsible for.

ISO 27001 ISMS provides the following benefits to your company:
Gives confidence to your organization.
Your risks are reduced.
Your errors are reduced.
Your competitive advantage increases against your competitors.

TS EN ISO / IEC 27001 Consultancy services combine your processes and ensure a strong network within your business. With this secure network, information is interlocked and become a whole with your business.

How Does ISO 27001 Help You?

Your processes are in order according to the quality standards.
You become aware of your assets and responsibilities.
You see your risks to your assets and your organization and according to them you have the opportunity to organize your activities.
Thanks to the controls guided by the standard, you will have the opportunity to constantly review and improve your processes.
You will be guided to comply with the regulations.

Key Points for Successful ISO 27001 Implementation

Get the ownership or ownership of the Information Security Management System application.
Focus on the benefits provided to your organization and not to certification.
Make your employees feel that the top management has issues.
Ensure that employees receive Information Security Awareness Training periodically.
Have your system and applications be tested with surprise penetration that only certain people are aware of. Share the results with those responsible and keep them on alert.
Make surprise social engineering attacks that your employees are aware of only specific people. Share the results with those responsible and keep them alert at all times.
Do not concentrate work on the IT department only. Be sure to include all your employees in the process.
Do not have control over your experienced IT staff, but your staff most likely to be vulnerable.