Based on the IT management consulting, the control objectives of the IT processes in COBIT including implementation examples are examined.

There are 34 processes and 210 control points in COBIT processes, but the most critical areas and processes can be determined by narrowing the area according to the wishes of the institution.

Our work under the scope of COBIT,

  • Interviewing process owners to understand how IT processes are functioning
  • Identification of existing controls by determining the operation of processes
  • Determination of expected, but not designed, controls within the relevant processes, taking into account the COBIT control objectives
  • Measurement of operational activities of controls identified using observation, sample test and detail test methods
  • Proposals for improvement based on COBIT for the identified control and process deficiencies

The process followed during these studies;

  • Opening meeting
  • Negotiations with managers and process owners
  • Determination of scope
  • Survey / question set study and collection of required data
  • On-site inspection and fieldwork
  • Examine the difference between the current situation and the situation that needs to be based on COBIT best practice examples
  • Determination of maturity levels
  • Reporting and reconciliation work
  • Roadmap removal and management presentation